Facebook Will Donate $ 100 Million for Small Businesses Affected by Corona Virus

Facebook Will Donate $ 100 Million for Small Businesses Affected by Corona Virus

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The Corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, China has affected the whole world. In fact, many sectors continue to be affected by epidemics. Realizing the situation, Facebook decided to donate to small businesses.
The US-based social media giant plans to invest in 30,000 small businesses in more than 30 countries to reduce the impact of the Corona virus on small businesses. Facebook will also give each employee a $ 1,000 bonus.

That will be in the form of financial assistance, cash donations and advertising loans for small businesses. This will help businesses that are damaged when the Corona virus spreads.

Support for small businesses from Facebook:

Facebook; It aims to use assistance to pay non-business staff, help with rent payments, connect businesses with more customers, and contribute to overhead costs. Applications for benefits will begin in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Facebook has made the Business Hub public. There, businesses can find ideas and suggestions for management during the crisis caused by the Corona virus outbreak.

"Small businesses are the heartbeat of our community, and most of the people who run this business are very affected by the crisis," said Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operations Officer for Facebook. "he said.

The US social media platform will also pay $ 1,000 to support each employee during the Corona virus outbreak days. Facebook is one of the few large companies that offers grants for small businesses or direct employee bonuses. On the other hand, another US-based e-commerce company Amazon has decided to temporarily increase the income of its employees working in warehouse and shipping units.
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