Meizu's First Phone With 5G Reveals The Clearest Picture Of Meizu 17

Meizu's First Phone With 5G Reveals The Clearest Picture Of Meizu 17

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Meizu 17, whose claims have been made for a while and came to the agenda with various leaks, came out this time with the clearest picture. The shared picture shows that the mobile will come in a very ambitious design.
Chinese-based smartphone maker Meizu continues to work for the new Meizu 17 cellphone, which will soon be introduced. The smartphone, which we have encountered with many leaks in recent months, is drawing attention to the fact that it will be the company's first cellphone that supports 5G connections.

The clearest picture of Meizu 17 that we have seen so far has been shared. In the resulting image, this phone seems to adopt a camera design that is mounted on the screen, not framed, unlike previous leaks. At this point, the green ring surrounding the front camera represents the percentage of the phone battery. It can be said that Meizu's innovative move also looks pretty good in terms of design.

A new image of Meizu 17:

There is no visual display on the back of the Meizu 17 where the front camera is located in the upper right corner, and the design of the rear surface is uncertain for now. Previous leaks, however, said the device would include three rear camera settings. This first triple sensor will probably be a 64 MP sensor manufactured by Samsung.

Meizu, which follows the current smartphone trend, is expected to feature a 90 Hz screen refresh technology in the Meizu 17 model in this sense. The Chinese company might also want to attract the attention of a wide audience by including 5G support on the phone.

Meizu 17, which will be special for the company's 17th anniversary, will be introduced next April if there are no setbacks. At this point, in addition to being the company's first 5G capable phone, the smartphone will also be the first cellphone to support Wi-Fi 6 technology.
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