Those who have recovered blood for coronavirus treatment will be injected into new patients

Those who have recovered blood for coronavirus treatment will be injected into new patients

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The United States, which announced a disaster because of a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), emerged with an unusual treatment method. The COVID-2019 patient's blood recovered in this country will be transferred to the newly diagnosed patient. Experts say this solution is not effective but permanent.

Coronavirus outbreaks continue to be common in western countries. An emergency, announced in the US, also caused panic among its citizens. Recent scientific studies of viruses have produced extraordinary results. According to the findings, the blood of survivors of COVID-2019 due to a new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 might be a hope for new patients.

The scientists who conducted the study will prepare serum based on the blood of survivors of the new corona virus. The virus antibodies that will be found in this serum will be injected into other people in the disease process. Thus, protection will be given in the short term.

The method of treatment in question is temporary but its origin dates back to the 19th century:

This blood treatment method, called "passive antibody" in the medical world, was previously used in broadcast diseases such as polio, mumps, flu and measles, and the plague slowed. John Hopkins University researchers, who have been the source of many studies on new types of coronaviruses, say that antibody therapy can be applied immediately.

"Using this option does not require research or development," said Arturo Casadevall, one of the research authors. As is known, research continues to be carried out in many countries in the world of a new type of corona virus. However, developing vaccines and drugs will take at least 10 months. Methods of treatment through blood can be applied at least until a permanent solution is found.

So how does this proposed process for coronavirus treatment work?

Patients who survived or are in the process of avoiding coronavirus donate their blood to patients who will be treated. In this process, high levels of antibodies produced against SARS-CoV-2 in their bodies are found in the blood drawn. These antibodies can circulate in the blood of the victim for months or even years.

Short-term treatment will be possible if scientists can take and process the antibodies in question. Serum antibodies will act as temporary drugs to be injected with high-risk people, health professionals, and patient relatives. In fact, people who have never been infected will be able to have a defense system before the virus comes.

So far, nearly 80 thousand patients have survived COVID-2019 caused by a new type of coronavirus. Researchers from John Hopkins University report that the intended blood transfer method can be implemented in a few weeks or months

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