When will IOS 13.4 be released?

When will IOS 13.4 be released?

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Apple's cellular operating system for iPhone users is expected to release iOS 13.4 today. So iOS 13.4 in Turkey and other countries will be released in a few hours?
Apple is expected to release iOS 13.4 for all users today. If you are looking forward to a new version of the cellular operating system and wondering when it will be released, the answer is here.

iOS 13.4 has been in beta for some time now and new features are being tested. The company has released 5 beta releases so far, and the stable release has finally come. Although Apple has not officially announced the release date for iOS 13.4, the update is expected to arrive on the device today.

When will iOS 13.4 be released?

As you can see in the image above, iOS 13.4 will be released in our country at 20:00 today. Note that the hours may change if Apple decides to withdraw the update. Apple is taking precautions for the spread of the corona virus and asking employees to work from home. This could have a negative impact on the iOS 13.4 release date.

It should be noted that there are important updates given the features and changes offered by iOS 13.4. Also, the new version will come with important bug fixes, performance improvements and security updates for better stability.
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